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Marathon: my story of how not to surrender and run to the end.

Running has become a part of my life in the last sixmonths, before that I hated running, I could never understand this sport. Nowrunning has become for me as something sacred and valuable – a totallymysterious process.

In this article, I would like to tell you whyrunning is so cool and why it is worth choosing this sport for yourself for atleast not a long period in your life. I will tell you about my experience atthe Ukrainian Marathons, where people from different countries of the worldparticipate in!

My race began in the winter, I will not hide that itwas then when I hadn't been in the best emotional condition, but I had realizedthat I needed to move on, that I could be able to overcome my moral decline. Idecided to start with physics to make my soul easier. I started running. Ithappened when I have been advised the excellent book of Joe Dispenza "Thepower of the subconscious or how to change my life in 4 weeks." And withoutany hesitation, I bought the membership to the gym and to the pool, then mylife changed. I started running and listening to an audiobook simultaneously.Realizing that it was easier for me to run, I began to change my life.Probably, now you would think that it was so easy for me, and I was all sobeautiful running there and hair flapping in the breeze like in all thosefilms, no, nothing like that. It seemed to me that I could die on thisunfortunate black path. 3 kilometers was my first result, yeah, far from escape,but I did not think about it. I cleared my mind and filled it with newinformation, my feet told me that I had been crazy, but the next day came and Ipacked my bag and went running again.

In a couple of weeks my result became better andmore stable, 5km, 6km, 7km. The result became better every week, the pace wasfaster, and the slope was greater. Almost after every training, I wentswimming, where I could leave all my saddest thoughts, running and water washedaway all the past that dragged me down. I successfully said goodbye to thenegativity and I have chosen to be that new, successful, strong, kind and stillbright girl that chases her dream - to become an artist who will change thisworld.

Marathon: my story of how not to surrender and run to the end. - Photo 1

I was proud of myself, and the book was almostfinished and spring appeared on the horizon. My friends and acquaintances beganto run in parks, and now it became a real challenge for me to start runningoutside but not inside because everyone has said that it'd be more difficult torun outside. A new stage, a new experience and I should take this step.

I started running outside, and a great man hasappeared in my life who has become a very important and powerful person and whohas shared my new hobby called running. With the help of support that myrunning has got new colors because I decided to run my first marathon in mylife. The first official 13km. A new world, a world in which all people areequal and where there is no gradation, a world where you are, running and yourvictory.

To say that marathons are cool and fun, it's nothingto say. How many things happen to you when you run, people shout words ofsupport, wave their hands, give water, sing songs, dance and give five when yourun. The atmosphere is incredible! So much positivity during doing the sport Ihave never received. I can say unequivocally that my victory and reward belongsnot only to me but also to the one who ran with me side by side, supporting andbelieving in me. The first medal, the first ovation and the first significantseconds of your finish. I smiled all 13 km, so, as surprise and happinessscattered on my body with goosebumps. A marathon is a paradox place becausewhen I ran for the first time I saw how the guys poured Coca-Cola and served itto runners, I thought that it had been strange. We were there for health, howcould it be? It turned out that Coca-Cola makes a strong release of glucoseinto the bloodstream during the first minute and in this way, a man has morestrength to overcome the distance. My first victory opened Ukraine to me from acompletely different perspective, and I saw that our country is sporty, thatpeople care about each other. Marathons are run by families, old people, peoplewith dentures and even children!

Naturally, my desire did not go out, and the next marathonI ran in the beautiful city of Lviv. And it was a new test for me, a newnumber. 21, 0975km. Now I really prepared for the marathon, I ran this distancegradually and steadily, but the excitement only increased, how could I run sucha distance? After all, my longest distance was 13 km. How would I do this andwould I have enough strength and faith to reach the finish. Surely, if it hadnot been for my great man and his faith in me, I would not have risked it, Iwould have found thousands of reasons why not, but I decided and this day came.

How many people came to run a semi-marathon,thousands of people were around me and all in a wonderful mood, someonestretched before the race, someone helped others by telling where to go and wewere already at the start. The three of us: me, the great man and our friends.The countdown began: ... there was no way back, and I did not want togo back.

Emotions overwhelmed me, and we began to run, now Iwill surprise you very much, saying that running 22 km is so easy! It's easywhen you run and laugh when you chat and do not think. It's easy when you runand laugh, when you talk and do not think about numbers, every kilometer isworth. Crowd supports, shouts and claps the organizers give us water or isotonicat every 5th kilometer. There is a special artificial shower, through which yourun, like in the rain, beautiful views and, of course, dear to your heart man.

Marathon: my story of how not to surrender and run to the end. - Photo 2

At the 18th kilometer, there was a difficult climband paving stones, stones underfoot, which made it harder to run. But that wasthis moment that I realized that our life, like this hill, has many differentcolored and gray stones, each of its special lifting and complexities, but ifyou easily treat barriers, then they become not a burden, but your pride andreward, because if you run through life with a smile, then you will definitelycome to the finish line, where the reward will be waiting for you! And thelonger and the winding the way, the sweeter your reward is.

I'll say this way: if I could, then you can. Juststart running and your life will change. I plan to run in different countries,so I'll see you at the marathons.


I believe that you can.

Do it to the finish line andyou will never give up again.


P.S. Dedicated to the Great Man and My Run Family.



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Marathon: my story of how not to surrender and run to the end.


Marathon: my story of how not to surrender and run to the end.

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