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Start your own online business without intermediaries on the CodeKY platform

your own online business
without intermediaries
on the CodeKY platform

What is a business account?

Business account (BA) is your own online gallery on our platform. Without intermediaries! Now all transactions are carried out between you and your customers. You will have your own account in the payment system (merchant) and you will use your personal bank card to receive money from the buyer. Our task is to bring from the Internet an audience of interested people and connoisseurs of art.

For your convenience, there is a chat with the administrator in your BA and you can always ask us questions and we will be happy to help you use your BA! When registering a BA, you are given the opportunity to place works in one of following sections:

PR-section (paid placement of works) - placement of works indicating the active name of the author leading to the section of author’s biography. Full advertising and contextual PR-promotion of the master and author’s works. The owner of a business account in the PR-section can participate in all online and offline partnership program collaborations; submit 3 free ads per month about art services (master classes, exhibitions, lectures, etc). What is more, in the PR section you can write your own articles on inspirational topics in the “Blog” - share with your fans, involve more in your ideas bigger audience!

Art-market (free placement of works) - placement of works solely for the purpose of selling them, without authorship and biography, as well as without the participation of the platform in their PR-promotion and the participation of the author in partnership program collaborations.

Business account - is your own online art-business, which enables an artist, a master to present works to a wide range of art lovers without taking them out of the workshop.

- Minimum number of works - 5;
- The minimum price of work, depending on its category, from 50$ to 300$;
- Publication of the author’s biography with the presentation of the full catalog of author’s works;
- Ability to publish 3 advertisements per month about art services;
- Ability to write expert articles by the author in the "Blog" section;
- Participation in online and offline partnership program collaborations;
- PR-promotion of works and the name of the author in order to increase recognition and sales.
- Products and biographies of the author or brand history placement on account page on marketplace

- Minimum number of works - 1;
- The minimum price, regardless of the category of work - $ 10;
- Free works placement.

advantages of a business account

You can sell your goods only by registering a business account. All information on the site appears through posting in a business account or by posting promotional material. Once having registered a business account, artist will always be displayed in the list of authors on the platform.

Owners of a business account can see how popular their works are, how many views, likes, what rating, whether the work was added to “favorites”. The entire history of sales and inquiries is also stored in the business account.

Placing works at PR-section owners of a business account have the opportunity to maintain their own blog, and also have the opportunity to publish 3 free ads per month about art-services: master classes, exhibitions, lectures

For collectors: if you decided to sell works from your private collection, register a business account as a collector and your works will be placed in the "Private collections" section.

For your convenience, there is a chat with the administrator in the account. You can always ask us questions and we will be happy to help you! guarantees the most favorable conditions:
- Placement of works in the PR-section 1.5% per quarter of their total cost;
- Placement of works in the Art-Market section is free;
- In each of the sections, when selling a work, 15% of its cost for marketing promotion of the platform is withheld;
- Support for young authors! Are you a student? When registering a business account upload student card and get 50% discount on work placement.

Thus, you will become the owner of your own online business on our platform, and our platform will help you to promote you as an artist, photographer or designer in the Internet space in the most effective way.

This is a unique online platform for creative people, which gives the opportunity to quickly develop and grow, as well as gain popularity!

How to create a business account:


Register and create a personal account


Upload photos of works and descriptions to them


Write your biography (for placement in the PR-section)


Send information for moderation and wait for an answer within 24 hours


Register the merchant in the Fondy payment system, bind the merchant to the CodeKY platform


In order to place works in the PR-section, pay for their placement the amount of 1.5% of their total cost


Check the correctness of the placement of works on the website

Start your own business right now!


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