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Tanya Shymko

I was born in 1983 in Kiev.
Since I could remember anything, l have been drawing. The evidence of this is an impressive pile of my
childhood albums. In the 5th-7th forms l attended “ Petrykivka painting “ club, which beyond all doubt
influenced the style of my works-love to so called “shading” and numerous fine details. Actually, it was
my “classical art education “, further and now - l have been studying from books, museums,exhibitions
and communications with creative people.
I have already participated in:
-“ Talent energy fest” 2015 Kiev
-the all-Ukrainian Exhibition-contest of Fine Arts and Decorative and Applies Crafts of National Academy
of Arts of Ukraine, 2016
-“Gogolfest”201 LLG, Kiev 2018
-“Portrait”, personal exhibition. Lea Litvinova Gallery, 2018
-“A4, ballpoint “Karas Gallery, 2018
-art project “Windows “ , Museum Of history of Kyiv, 2019
My artwork are in the collections in Ukraine, France, Austria, the USA, Australia, Spain , Russia.

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