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Affiliate Program Codeky Club

Codeky LLP, the International Online Platform for Contemporary Art, invites you to participate in the Codeky Club partnership project.

This concept allows us to unite companies of like-minded partners, creating a global partnership program not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

The cooperation of program participants is aimed at supporting and jointly developing the idea of Codeky TM (among our partners, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, leading medical clinics, fitness centers, car dealers of world and Ukrainian brands and many other companies that are long-term and stable in the Ukrainian market )

We offer our partners a special loyalty program, which is based on informing other partners and registered users of the site about the possibility of obtaining unique offers, special conditions, discounts and bonuses for goods and services as part of the Codeky Club affiliate program.

Our program provides for the implementation of joint marketing projects between the partners of the program, which will bring unconditional commercial benefits from cooperation to all participating parties.

The site has a separate section for posting detailed information about the affiliate program participants, company logos, there is the possibility of banner advertising, the exchange of active links and other necessary and useful information.

Thanks to, affiliate program participants receive high-quality online image advertising, a database of new customers, additional income from them, the opportunity to promote their brand with an expanded CA Internet, joint participation in offline projects, and exhibitions on an ongoing partnership basis.

The plans of the project include the introduction of an application program on iOS and Android platforms, which will expand the project's capabilities and attract a new pool of customers.

Partnership Directions:

Patrons and sponsors of the project

Commercial partners of the project

Project Information Partners

Patrons and sponsors of the project

The sponsors and sponsors of the project may be companies that are ready to support the Codeky Foundation's Art From Heart charity programs:

Competition programs for students of creative professions with a grant to the winners.

Charity exhibitions of authors tm Codeky.

Commercial partners of the project

Commercial partners of the project can be companies, firms and organizations involved in the provision of services and the sale of goods, which are accompanied by high service and comfort, as well as become well-known and can positively affect the image of the project.

Information Partners

The project’s information partners can be rating multimedia platforms of the Ukrainian and international information market, media groups, publishing houses, Internet sites, print media, television and radio, news agencies, industry info partners who are ready to direct their own media capabilities and intellectual resources to form a new mental culture, as well as a global strengthening of the position of modern Ukraine in the global art market.

Affiliate Package Options:

General sponsorship package

100 000 $

Affiliate Sponsorship Package

30 000 $

Sponsorship package

10 000 $

Package Includes:

Placing a logo and information about a patron or sponsor on the site and on social networks).

  • Placement of the TM Codeky logo on the website of the patron or sponsor company, all its resources, including social networks with an external link to the site
  • The right of participation of representatives of the company of a patron or sponsor at joint promotional events.
  • Participation of representatives of a philanthropist or sponsor in a student competition committee
  • Funding student contests and other programs
  • Exchange of active links in publications and partner resources.
  • Mutually beneficial opportunity to provide, as well as use exclusive offers, discounts and additional bonuses from partners within the affiliate program.

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Together with you, we will enable talented artists to be introduced to the world and represent culture in the spirit of modern trends in the world.


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