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Olga Solovyova

                                                          Olga Solovyova

Born in Balashov

Lives and works inKyiv.

1980-1984 Graduatedfrom the Donetsk State Art College.

1989-1996 Graduatedfrom the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Painting, workshop of monumentalpainting prof. ON. Storozhenko

Since 1991Participates in Republican and International performances, symposiums,plein-airs.

 Since 2005 -member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Since 1998 he hasbeen a member of the All-Ukrainian Creative Union of Artists BZH-ART.

Since 2007 -teacher of painting in KDAM.

In 2006 took partin the filming of the film "Sappho".


Main exhibitions

2015 - Personal exhibition.'' History of one lake...'',, (Dedicated to the river Pochayni), galleryLocation.

2014 - "TheTerritory of the Soul," Museum T.G. Shevchenko (Kiev Ukraine)


2013 - Personalexhibition Gallery Triptych (Kiev).

         Laureateof the All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting. Diploma for the work "Earthand Water". Art Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)

          StillLife ... SHA Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)


2012 Personalexhibition Gallery Plast-Art (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

          "Territoryof the Soul, Museum of Contemporary Art,,

 2011 Personalexhibition "Maternity Daughters", Parsuna's gallery (Kiev, Ukraine).

       "Territoryof the soul. "Plast-Art Gallery (Chernigov, Ukraine).


 2010Ukrainian Alternative XX, Gallery, Dukat, (Kiev, Ukraine).

         "ZHZL",gallery "Triptych" (Kiev, Ukraine), photo-project.


 2009 CharityAuction, Dukat Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).

         Presentationof the catalog "Abbey. Contemporary Ukrainian Art of the 20th Century.



 2008 SoulTerritory. Contemporary Art Festival. (Chernigov, Plast-Art Gallery)

         Soloexhibition "Venetian Motives", Parsuna Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)

 2007Exhibition, Sovy-Art Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)


 2006Exhibition, gallery Tazzi (Kiev, Ukraine)

        CrocusFoundation for the Development and Promotion of the Arts. (Kyiv, Ukraine)


 2005 Personalexhibition, Main Military Department of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

        Personalexhibition "Pur Art (Grand Cayman)"

         Thepersonal exhibition "Ocean", gallery Sun (Kiev, Ukraine)


 2004Republican exhibition "Orange Square", Art Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)


 2003International Exhibition. (England)


2001 Personalexhibition "Leonid", gallery Tadzio (Kiev, Ukraine

         LiveArt Auction (Grand Cayman)


1999 Personalexhibition, gallery Gremium (Bratislava, Slovakia)

         Isolation-CommunicationCastle Topolachanka (Slovakia)

         Personalexhibition. (Grand Cayman)


1997 "FamousUkrainian Women-Artists-97", Lavra Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine)



         InternationalArt Festival, Ukrainian House (Kiev)

         Chernobyl-10years old (New York, USA)

         Treasuresof a Forgotten Country (Geneva, Switzerland)

         "FamousUkrainian Women-Artists-96", Ukrainian National Museum (Kiev)


1995 "Kiev ArtFair-II", Ukrainian House (Kiev, Ukraine)

         "SlavyanBazaar", National Museum (Vitebsk, Byelorussia)

         Treasuresof a Forgotten Country, Lincoln Center (New York, USA)

         "Zhelobetskiy`sCollection", Brama (Kiev)

         "Artistsof Ukraine", Museum of A. Pushkin (Moscow, Russia)


1994 InternationalExhibition "Impreza`94" (Diploma) Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

         KievArt Fair-I (Kiev, Ukraine)


1993Exhibition-auction "Stanislas Machoir Fransoi Beyli" (Paris, France)


The paintings areLincoln Center. USA.

PresidentialPalace. Slovakia

Zaporozhye Museum.Chernihiv Museum of Contemporary Art.

Museum of theSpissky Capitol. Slovakia

Castle Topolchanka.Slovakia

Castle Moyirovtsi.Slovakia



Award of theSupreme Spiritual Seminary. (Spisskaya Kapitula Slovakia)

Medal of the PopeJohn Paul II. 1996.




1997 - Outstandingartists of Ukraine "97

2000 - "TheTerritory of Love"

2006 - "Abbey.Contemporary Ukrainian Art of the 21st Century »

2007 - All-UkrainianTriennial of Painting. Kiev-2007.

2008 - Ukrainian art.

2008 - "TheTerritory of the Soul". Contemporary Art Festival.

2009 - Collection ofPaintings and Graphics of the XX-XXI.

2010 - Auction Ukrainianalternative to the twentieth century.

2011- "SoulTerritory". Festival of Contemporary Art.

2012 - The Soul Territory.Contemporary Art Festival.

2013 - All-UkrainianTriennale of Painting. Kyiv 2013. Diploma for the work "Earth andWater".

2013 - "Mystery ofPresence". "Day" Kyiv 2013.

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